Apps designed to teach
LearnIt Apps are made to fully teach the mathematical concepts presented in an interactive and engaging manner. Each lesson takes students through a 30 minute interactive tutoring session. Concepts and mathematical definitions are explained and checkpoints for testing students grasp of the concepts are given.
Full Pre-Algebra and Algebra Courses
We offer close to 200 concept specific Apps that fully cover Algebra Readiness and Algebra.
Lessons aligned to State Curriculum Standards
Our lesson apps were developed to meet 100% of the pre-algebra and algebra Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The CCSS have been designed by leaders in education to bring nationwide consistency to curriculum standards. At least 40 states have now adopted these standards to specifically identify content that must be mastered to receive school credit for these courses.
By designing our lessons to follow these Common Core Standards, we are able to deliver courseware that could be adopted by schools as courses for school credit.
Our lessons contain
In every lesson we try to address the common questions of “Why do I need to know this?” and “When am I ever going to use this?” Our lessons follow real-world situations and stories that provide opportunities for students to see where and how these math concepts are used.

All lessons contain professionally developed graphics and images that visually enhance understanding of each concept.

Each slide has informational and instructional text that is animated in sync with the audio. This helps guide visual learners and directs students visually to follow along with the audio. We also provide the word-for-word audio script for students who want to read along with the audio and for students who might be hearing impaired.

Learnitapps, encourages students go beyond just sitting and listening and gives them hands on exercises. Each lesson incorporates interactions that help engage students directly into the concepts being presented. Students’ understanding is checked regularly, and positive and corrective feedback are provided when needed.

Rather than coming across as a formal lecture, the lessons were written in a conversational tone. Our focus is on bringing the student into the lesson and make them a part of it rather than having them remain on the outside looking in. We wanted them to feel as if they were being talked with rather than talked at.

Audio and on-screen text have been written at a fifth-grade reading level. Although math terms such as polynomial expression and fundamental counting principle tend to drive up the reading level, we’ve kept the reading level manageable forstudents who struggle in this area.

We call it the concept box. Students are instructed to take notes on anything that appears in a concept box. This helps direct the student to the most important concept on a page. Concept boxes are always accompanied by audio.